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Sara Graham, President and Founder

President and founder Sara Graham has been active in the building and development industry for the past 10 years. Graham established Canard in 2000 in response to a demand for innovative housing solutions in North America. She has been responsible for the planning, construction, and development of residential and commercial spaces. Graham has developed and maintained strong, long-term relationships with a great number of stakeholders and partners. Through following a strong set of guiding principles Canard has become one of the pre-eminent builders/developers in the marketplace. Sara Graham is an innovator who is at the forefront of Canard’s vision and continues to develop new technologies and design ideas to provide outstanding customer service.

Kris Hans, Investor Relations

Canard’s expanding property divisions provide growth opportunity through investments in future projects. Canard’s successful projects have provided our investors with strong results. We are committed to building ethical partnerships with our investors, placing an emphasis on trust; accountability and integrity are the essential elements of any investment relationship. With a history of success and a reputation built on exceptional design and customer satisfaction, Canard represents a wise investment choice. For more information about investing in an Assured Development project, please contact Kris Hans.


LATERAL ARCHITECTURE was founded in 2002 by Lola Sheppard and Mason White out of a collaborative desire to expand the boundaries of architectural practice. Lateral Architecture’s work investigates issues of interactivity, adaptability, and temporality operating at multiple scales. Lateral was the Lefevre Emerging Practitioner at Ohio State University in 2004 and selected for the Young Architects Forum by the Architectural League of New York in 2005. Their work has been featured in exhibitions across North America, and they have won or been short-listed for several international design competitions. Lola Sheppard is Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. Mason White teaches at the University of Toronto. For more information, visit

Bliss, Interior Mood Consultants

Bliss has designed award–winning building interiors for all of Canard’s developments. Bliss has earned numersous accolades within the design, including many awards. Bliss has accepted the challenge of creating an intimate atmosphere within our open spaces, creating a distinctive urban environment.

Daniel Vanderbirk, Siting Specialist

Terence Cooke Industrial Design constructed Canard's Presentation Centre.
Tracey Graham designed Canard's website and brochure design.


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