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A.I.R. is an exciting new freehold residential unit from Canard Development Group offering spectacular value and breathtaking views, and constructed to BuiltGreen™ specifications. A.I.R. represents cutting-edge technology in residential planning—a portable unit that can fit into any community and be attached to any building. This revolutionary housing unit permits homebuyers to select not only their location, but also if their A.I.R. unit will be hung, cantilevered, suspended, floated, assembled on, assembled in, or extended from the host site. Depending on your chosen site, A.I.R. units can be stacked or linked together to provide larger configuration options; you simply select the number of units you would like.

A.I.R. uses state–of–the–art construction materials and technologies that maximize overall household efficiency and are environmentally sustainable. Each basic unit is designed to be 75% off-grid, which means that for nine months out of each year, A.I.R. can generate and store enough energy to independently supply the unit and its occupants with electricity, air, and water. The remaining 25% is tapped from the existing infrastructure of the host site.

We have researched and developed the latest in construction techniques and building processes in forming A.I.R. Each unit is composed of a light–gauge steel structure, ETFE panels, and glass. The light–gauge steel allows the structure to be as light as possible, maximising its possible configurations. The ETFE panels operate like inflated pillows, allowing the project to remain lightweight while simultaneously providing insulation.

A basic price for an A.I.R. unit located on a host site that is under six stories is between $200/sf and $275/sf. A unit for a location above six stories is priced between $275/sf and $400/sf. The total cost to install your Canard home will vary depending on which design you choose, the custom support system, and your site location. Installation costs start at $3,500 per unit, but can vary according to the height and other intricacies of your site.

We know that selecting an A.I.R. home is not only a smart choice, but one that will furnish you with the lifestyle you have always wanted.








†The host site is the existing building that you’re A.I.R unit will be attached to


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