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Innovative design solutions are the essence of our company.

Established in 2000, Canard Development Group provides today’s homebuyer with truly unique living solutions. Canard is at the urban centre of pioneering development and redevelopment projects around the globe. We have extensive experience in shaping and enhancing urban spaces using our expertise in construction, land planning, urban development, and cutting-edge design. Canard deploys the tools and techniques of the future for the benefit of the citizens of today. Our portfolio includes commercial and residential projects such as the Panoramic Viewpoints, the Bennett Building, Portable Pilchard Saloon, Sunbuckle Commons, Frothblower Biosphere, and Snuffclipper bird sanctuary.

Canard has a reputation for creating ground-breaking homes in highly sought-after locations. Canard is also known for providing public and private clients with focused and responsive customer service. Attention to detail in design and fabrication as well as in our relationships with current and prospective homebuyers is a hallmark of every Canard project. Inside and out and from beginning to end, we create distinctive living spaces that work for you, for the environment, and for your community.

Working with an eye to unique alternatives, Canard is committed to environmentally responsible design. Utilizing BuiltGreen™ technologies, we develop homes that enhance the urban landscape and offer energy efficiencies to our homeowners. Our focus on design innovation is a cornerstone all of our work—from architecture to interior design to the construction process. This dedication and commitment to quality defines who we are and why we succeed. And, every component of every Canard project is 100% recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable.

Come and visit us today and experience the difference with Canard.


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